The Memory of a Lively Oroqen

As one of the 55 minorities in China, Oreqen located in inner Mongolia and Helongjiang Province. The followings are videos related to their traditions.

Title: Heihe in Heilongjiang 2 (Part 2 of 3): homes of the Oroqen tribes and horseback hunting

Data Published: July 20,2014


This episode of Travelogue explores the unique culture of Oroqen tribes. The presenter Marc Edwards interviewed people in Oroqen about their traditional clothes, hats and joined a horseback hunting expedition.

Authority: Travelogue CGTN


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The show often takes the viewers beyond popular tourist destinations in order to give a more authentic and in depth look at local culture. Presenters often participate in the local and traditional culture wherever they go. They address the viewer directly, acting as tourists-turned-tour guides, but are also filmed interacting with locals and discovering interesting locations in (mostly) unrehearsed sequences.

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Title: Ethic Oroqen keeps traditional crafts alive

Data Published: June 22th 2013

Description: The Oroqen people have been using birch bark which is a endangered handicraft to make everything in their life. It can use to make boats, containers, and even home. But the daily use crafts are fading into history right now.

Authority: CCTV

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